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Irish Pubs in Michigan...

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Recently updated, our list of​ Irish Pubs in Michigan has almost doubled in size!

​To see the whole list, visit our Facebook Page Note about all the pubs that we know about in Michigan! To add a Pub, email us at:

We also would appreciate your "feedback" on our listings. Let us know if these pubs qualify as an "Irish Pub," or are just labeled as such! Tell us  about your experience if you visited any of them.

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Irish Gift Shops in Michigan...

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Be the sponsor of this section for only $125 a year! Be seen by 1,000's




(Based out of South Lyon MI)
(Products seen at finer gift shops and Irish/Celtic Festivals everywhere!)
(Hand made pottery and ceramic tiles, seen at festivals everywhere!)
(Based out of Royal Oak MI)
(Based out of Alma MI) (We LOVE the cookies!!!)
Also seen at Irish/Celtic Festivals everywhere, selling gifts too!

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All Things irish in Michigan...

...That We Know About!

Irish & Celtic Music and Entertainment in Michigan...


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​Many of the links go to the bands's website, while some go to the act's Facebook page. If you want to find out more about any of these acts, click the link then click the "about" tab to find out how to contact them or to get more information about the band/act itself! If you know of more, e-mail us at miIrish.com@gmail.com!

If you know of any other bands we should have listed, please email us!

(*Bands not based in Michigan, but play here often!)

Irish & Celtic Festivals in, (and around,) Michigan...

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Not in Michigan, but well worth the trip...